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In 2013, Evan Norberg was approached by music colleagues to form a choir because of his known, deep commitment to creating great choral music. Evan began selection among music majors, music educators, and musicians from his long experience of singing throughout Western and Central Washington; pieces were selected and rehearsals began.


Since then, Wellspring Ensemble has stationed itself firmly in the Seattle choral scene. As a group, Wellspring Ensemble quickly realized that they were so much more than singers with outstanding musicianship; its members are carpenters, lawyers, web and graphic designers, and more.


The multifaceted talents of its membership were the building blocks Wellspring Ensemble needed to grow to more than the sum of its parts. A font of knowledge, a shared love for bringing excellence in choral music to life, and a familial connection to one another give Wellspring Ensemble a dynamic all its own; you will truly enjoy this unique, connected experience!

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