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Past Collaborators

It was our utmost joy to share the stage with colleagues, friends, students, and collaborators listed below. As part of our mission, we aim to connect with community and share the love for music.

December 2023
Echoes: Music of Loss and Love
Bel Canto
Edmonds Woodway High School
Charlotte Reese, Dir.

348567747_260456989824143_4175870380815253999_n (1).jpg

May 2023
The Peace of Wild Things Concert
Seattle Children's Chorus Alumni Ensemble


May 2023
The Peace of Wild Things Concert
Ingraham High School
Katie Wood, Dir.


December 2022
Guiding Light Concert

December 2022
Guiding Light Concert
Shorecrest High School
Nathaniel Hendrix, Dir. 

Screenshot 2023-12-05 at 11.27.50 PM.png

December 2019

Winter Blossom Concert

Bellevue High School
Andrew Jacobsen, Dir.

Bellevue High School took the stage between sets for some beautiful music ending with a final combined number - Glow by Eric Whitacre.

December 2019

Winter Blossom Concert

Jennifer Faul, Collaborative Pianist

Ongoing collaborator, Jennifer Faul, joined the group playing the famous four-hand piano piece, Brahms' Liebeslieder Walzer. We look forward to many more concerts together! Pictured alongside our very own Genevieve Peaslee.


December 2018

No Small Wonder Concert

Blinedot, Live Artist

Blinedot was a long time supporter of WE when we started throwing around a crazy idea: live painting while we sang our concert - art inspired by art. The blend of mediums was a hit and a unique experience we all enjoyed.

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