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Why I serve!

Today a fond memory crossed my mind at work today. Rewind to January 2018... a small group of members sitting down with Evan and discussing how to make Wellspring Ensemble something more than a choir that met once a year. We wanted to create an ensemble that met multiple times a year, a place to meet people who all shared a love for singing, and a place where we could make life long friends and family. Today our ensemble has grown into something really special and this is why I continue to serve on the board. Being part of Evan's dream of what Wellspring could become with some pretty amazing people has been such a great experience. We hope to see some pretty amazing growth within WE over the next few years (more ensembles and members).

Fast forward to this summer WE officially turns 10! Anyone who is part of the Wellspring family has officially touched my life in one way or another and I couldn't be more honored to continue onboarding new members, board members, helping WE grow in many ways. The board is such a great place to work with some pretty amazing and well rounded individuals who keep pivoting and shifting to help shape WE into so much more than a choir. If you have ever been interested in joining the board, please do reach out to me. I can chat more about expectations, how you fit on the board, and would love to hear all your ideas!

Rachelle Bunch - Serving on the board since 2018

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